Investment Criteria

We invest in a variety of different ways, including angel investing in startups, "alongside" investing with venture capital funds, private equity funds (primary or secondary markets), academic spinouts, hedge fund projects and public companies. While we concentrate in healthcare, we will consider other themes that are attractive and have large potential markets. Generally we are interested in double-digit percentage positions with dilution protection. Our style is participatory, but not obstructive.

  • Icon Ordinarily we will take a board seat with larger investments, and be active in assisting the company's growth and strategy.
  • Icon Business plans must be crisp and well thought out, describing the product, its market and company strategy succinctly.
  • Icon Experienced management is a must, though this can be accomplished with boards and advisors in some instances.
  • Icon If the company's founder is primarily a scientist/engineer, plans must be clear on bringing in professional management and board.