Incyclix Bio

Incyclix Bio is a development-stage pharmaceutical company developing small molecule inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) for the treatment of advanced and resistant cancers. The team’s unique insights about the biology and structure of CDKs will facilitate the rapid discovery and development of a novel, potent, and selective CDK2 inhibitor to treat patients whose tumors are insensitive to CDK4/6 inhibition.

Jupiter Bioventures builds breakthrough biotech companies from the ground up, partnering with the world’s leading biologists and physicians.

Cosela (an IV CDK4/6 inhibitor) is approved for prevention of chemotherapy myelosuppression in SCLC and is being studied for antitumor effects in several other tumor types.

Phoenix Molecular Designs is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that is developing first-in-class RSK kinase inhibitors as a targeted therapy for cancer.

Sapience Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing its lead compound, ST101, which is a peptide inhibitor of C/EBPbeta. It has FDA Fast Track designation for advanced cutaneous melanoma and GBM. The pipeline is full of other compounds, including a beta-catenin antagonist.

An operating private equity fund that in-licenses drug candidates and develops through late-stage for ultimate sale to a commercializing company. Auven also has a large position in ADCT (NASDAQ).

Eyenovia, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYEN), a commercial-stage ophthalmic technology company commercializing Mydcombi™ ophthalmic spray for mydriasis and developing the Optejet® device for use both in connection with its own drug-device therapeutic product candidates for presbyopia and pediatric progressive myopia as well as out-licensing for additional indications.

Aruna Bio is advancing a new class of cell-free biologics, exosomes, for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders and leveraging a novel platform to optimize the delivery of RNAs, antibodies, genes and small molecules.

Developing "on demand" pharmaceuticals to restore voluntary control of bladder and bowel for people with spinal cord injury and neurological conditions.

Jumo professionals provide content supporting clinical trials, promoted brands, and a COVID-19 Resource Center.

Carbon® is a 3D printing technology company helping businesses to develop better products and bring them to market in less time. Carbon is a venture-backed company headquartered in Redwood City, CA.